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Научно-технический журнал «Энергия единой сети» – целями и задачами научно-технического журнала «Энергия единой сети» являются удовлетворение информационных потребностей и консолидация информации об исследованиях, разработках и внедрении в эксплуатацию наиболее передовых технологий, материалов, оборудования в электросетевом комплексе. В журнале «Энергия единой сети» публикуются результаты исследований актуальных проблем отечественной электроэнергетической отрасли, рассматриваются вопросы эксплуатации электрических сетей, разработки и внедрения нового оборудования, научно-технической политики и стратегии развития электроэнергетики, строительства объектов электросетевой инфраструктуры, обеспечения надежности ЕЭС России, подключение возобновляемых источников энергии к ЕНЭС и многое другое.

Официальный сайт: www.энергия-единой-сети.рф

Special media Sponsor

Power and Industry of Russia

Information on the status and prospects of the Russian power industry, as well as oil and gas, chemical and mining industries, machine and apparatus construction, metallurgy — in relation to power industry; information and analytical articles, exclusive interviews, description of new technologies. The Expert Council of the newspaper brings together the heads and specialists of industrial companies in different fields, government, research and project offices. Free and open access to all information in the portal www.eprussia.ru: daily news, prompt placement of companies’ press releases, catalog of companies and specialized websites, newspaper archives, regulations library, information about industry events, tenders, bookstore, message board, forum. 5000 of unique visits per day

Leading newspaper for the power industry sector of Russia Published since: 2000 Frequency:

Twice per month Format: A3; circulation: 26000; pages: 70-80 Distributed throughout the Russian Federation

Index Catalogue «Rospechat» – 14263

Infomation partners of Colloqiuim-2017

«Russian Computer Automation World Magazine» (  «МКА») 

The Russian Computer Automation World Magazine (MKA) has been published since 1995 year every three months. It is a scientific and technical journal that covers IT theory and practice for building embedded, data and information management systems (IMS) in industry and power engineering.

The MKA Magazine carries analytical and technical papers from RTSoft’s experts, analysts, leader technicians and partners, as well as materials from leader Russian and foreign organizations that work in such areas as applied IT for industry, power engineering, transport, scientific and special applications.

«Elec.ru» company is a leading information agency which has worked for 15 years; it is an expert in the field of display and contextual advertising, creating professional and effective advertising campaigns for representatives of electrotechnical industry. The range of information resources of the agency includes the internet portal Elec.ru and the printed publication «Electrotechnical market». IA «Elec.ru» provides current news and a chronicle of events in the industry, creating essential textual content, video- and photo-content, promoting in social networks, a proper use of possibilities and potential of search engines, respect to partners’ interests and a friendly team of professionals.

182101, Russia, Pskov Region, Velikie Luki, Gagarina St., 95 «А»

Tel./fax: +7 (495) 587-40-90

E-mail: info@elec.ru

Web: www.elec.ru


«Automation & IT in Power Engineering» magazine

Professional scientific and technical quarterly magazine «Automation & IT in Power Engineering» was created specially for experts in power engineering highly interested in recent discoveries in automation and IT. Urgent, authentic and independent information in our magazine helps specialists in power engineering and IT- professionals to carry on a dialogue.

You can enter a subscription to «Automation & IT in Power Engineering» magazine in any post-office.

Index in Russian Press catalogue is 81 568

119002, Moscow, Kaloshin lane, 2/24, office 19 Phone/fax (495) 221-09-38

E–mail: info@avite.ru

Web: www.avite.ru

«ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution» is the magazine for employees of power grid complex and the only specialized issue in the field that allows different power grid services to receive necessary information about new developments and technologies used in Russia and abroad, to exchange experience in implementation of equipment and instruments that are necessary to upgrade power grid facilities.

Elektrodny proezd, 6, office 14, 111123, Moscow, Russia

Phone/fax: +7 (495) 645-12-41

E-mail: info@eepr.ru

Web: www.eepr.ru

The journal «Electric Power News» was established in 2002. Founders: the Ministry of Energy, JSC «FGC UES», nonprofit partnership «Scientific and Technical Council of the Unified Energy System», Corporation «Integral Electric Power Complex», JSC STC «ENERGOPROGRESS».

The journal publishes information on electric power industry scientific and technical development policies and strategy, technical re-equipment, ensuring reliability of the Unified Energy System of Russia, development of electric energy and capacity markets, tariff policies, renewable energy, improved legislation and regulatory frameworks in the industry. The journal is being presented to public at the largest industry events and exhibitions internationally.

The Vorontsovsky lane, 2, 109044, Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7  (495) 911-26-96

E-mail: vesti-news@mail.ru

Web: www.vesti.energy-journals.ru

«Digital Substation» is a periodical print magazine and an online discussion platform, connecting protection, automation and control professionals from all over the world. We are focused on such challenging issues as: IEC 61850 standard, smart grids, digital substations, alternative energy resources, cybersecurity, as well as advanced technologies of relay protection, automation, data and control signals transfer and others. The articles focus on developments and application of new protection, automation and control technologies, experiences and analysis of protection operations and local or wide area disturbances. New concepts and results from research activities in universities or other industry institutions are also of interest. 

In addition to the latest news you can discover unique materials and sections:

Brain storm – you can find out opinions of the industry professionals on the most relevant issues;

Hands-on – you can have a look at our detailed review on different devices, being tested in our laboratory;

Q&A – you can ask your question and industry professional will give you an overall answer;

Events – you can follow the most interesting events and pre-plan your participation.

And also articles, researches, discussions, interviews and much, much more.