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Département Programme Clients-Marchés PES - Direction Système d'information et Télécom - DPCM

Dear Olga, Dear Andrey, Dear Maria, Dear Alexander, Dear Tatyana and Dear All (I don’t remember all the names), I am back in France since yesterday afternoon and my mind is full of good memories of this colloquium. The colloquium has been successful thanks to you. All the feedback I got from the participants were laudatory. They talked about your efficiency, kindness and your warm welcome. I realise that it took you a lot of hard work and you deserve to rest a bit right now. Many thanks again.

Naoko MORI

Public Solutions Planning Division Public Solutions Business Unit NEC

Congratulations for the success of SCD2 colloquium! We are all now safely back in Japan. The gift was a great surprise for me. I share the picture in all Japanese delegates. I hope to see you at the next opportunity.

Jorge Costa

Engineer at UTE

Dear Olga and others members of the Organizing Committee: thank you very much for the photos you made available, for the welcome dinner and in general for the organization of the Colloquium.

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