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Moscow welcomes CIGRE Secretary General at the International Council D2

The visit of CIGRE Secretary General Philippe Adam to Moscow is expected to last from the 18th till the 21 of September.

The program of the visit includes participation in a closed CIGRE Research Committee session, a working meeting with the heads of RNC CIGRE and a technical visit to the Dispatch Center of SO UPS. Besides, the Secretary General is going to deliver the welcome speech at the opening ceremony of CIGRE SC D2 and to meet the representatives of RNC CIGRE Youth Section.

The visit of CIGRE Secretary General to Russia is a significant event for the entire sectoral community. It puts an emphasis on the promotion of scientific and technical exchanges, stressing the importance of the international partnership within the CIGRE platform.

SCD2 International Colloquium CIGRE will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of September 2017 in Moscow. CIGRE Research Committee (Study Committee, SC) Management officially approved this decision at the 46th CIGRE session in Paris. It is notable that Moscow received the permission to host the International Colloquium thanks to the initiative of Olga Sinenko - the regular member of SC D2 CIGRE, the chairman of D2 RNC CIGRE and the Director General of RTSoft.

This year SCD2 International Colloquium is organized by the Subcommittee of D2 RNC CIGRE (RTSoft is a base institution) with the support of FGC UES and SO UPS.

CIGRE SC D2 Colloquium is supposed to facilitate exchanges of technical knowledge and information between energy companies, equipment manufacturers, scientific and project-related organizations. Furthermore, it is aimed to develop the interaction between the organizations specializing in standardization and regulation in such spheres of power industry as telecommunication and information technology.

More than 150 experts from 25 countries will become guests of the International Colloquium in Moscow. The representatives of foreign delegations comprise more than 50 Percent of all participants: the largest foreign delegation comes from Japan. 

Subcommittee D2 (SC D2) covers the specification, design, engineering, performance, operation, maintenance, economic and management aspects of the Information and the Telecommunication systems in the EPI both for operational and business activities, as well as the different devices, media and networks to support all that services: speech, data, video, internet, specialised signalling for teleprotection, SCADA, EMS, DSM….

Subcommittee D2 was created on the basis of AO "RTSoft" (Moscow) with the status of “RNC CIGRE leading science and technology partner".


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