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The seminar on IT and Telecommunications in Electric Power Industry took place on June 26 at the RTSoft Engineering House

The annual key event of Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE — seminar «Information technologies and telecommunications in the electric power industry based on the experience of CIGRE in creating the digital power industry: goals, drivers, risks and opportunities» took place at the Engineering House of JSC «RTSoft» (Moscow) on 26, June. Specialists from various organizations, as well as independent experts and analysts from power industry took part in the seminar.

The seminar was organized by RTSoft company — the leading scientific and technical partner of RNC СIGRE and the basic institution of Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE- in cooperation with Russian National Committee (RNC) CIGRE.

Work of the Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE «Information systems and telecommunication» focuses on such issues as design and development of new technologies in communication and data transmission systems, which turn to be the key directions for the development of automated control systems in power energy. And according to the actively introduced in Russia concept of digitalization of the electric power industry, the following essential issues were discussed at the seminar:

  1. Control automation in Microgrid with distributed energy resources and power storage.
  2. Virtual power plants: possibilities of creating and peculiarities of their control systems.
  3. «Internet of Energy» technologies within the National Technological Initiative: stages and key decisions.
  4. Digital distribution zone: purpose of creation, basic concepts, technologies, growth area.

Olga Sinenko, Chairman of Study Committee D2 CIGRE, Chairman of Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE, General Director of RTSoft has opened the seminar. In her welcoming speech, she described the main activities of subcommittee and encouraged participants to join RNC CIGRE, whose members have unique opportunities in participating in crucial events, as well as publications and speeches at the international arena. 

Olga Sinenko noted that CIGRE, the largest international association of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, CEOs and other decision makers in electric power industry, provides the formation of vectors of scientific and technical development in the world power industry and turns out to be the basis for the creation of international standards. Working groups (WGs) of Study committees, which include experts from different countries, focus on the most urgent and important issues and the results of each WG researches are published in technical brochures. Study Committee D2 consists of nine WGs and have already issued 65 technical brochures.

«Study Committee D2 (SC D2) was created later than other committees, with the advent of new technologies in the energy sector, — said Olga Sinenko, — and nowadays it becomes one of the most important committees linking all the 16 SCs of CIGRE. The main focus of SC D2 now is the development of information technologies to create conditions for the digitalization of power energy sector based on Smart Metering, «Internet of things» and Big Data. Such an integrated approach will ensure the interaction between participants of the energy market at the wide spread of alternative and distributed energy».

The schedule of the seminar was continued by the leading experts, analysts and industry specialists whose reports aroused strong interest and vivid discussion among the audience. To draw a conclusion it should be said that almost all the reports complemented each other in a certain way representing the subject area of Study Committee D2.


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