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A new book "DIGITAL POWER LINE CARRIER" by the members of National Study Committee D2 of Russian National Committee of CIGRE is published

The book «DIGITAL POWER LINE CARRIER» by Anton G. Merkulov, Yuri P. Shkarin, Sergey E. Romanov, Vasiliy A. Kharlamov and Yuri V. Nazarov is prepared for printing in the Hot Line - Telecom Publishing House. The authors of the book are Russian experts, members of the National SC D2 "Information Systems and Telecommunication" of RNC of CIGRE.

DIGITAL POWER LINE CARRIER. - M.: Hot line - Telecom, 2019.-- 240 p.: ill.

ISBN 978-5-9912-0824-6

The book is dedicated to planning and maintenance of the digital power line carrier (DPLC) channels over high voltage 35-750 kV power lines. Book contents five chapters.

Chapter 1 gives general introduction to standards, structure and construction of DPLC equipment.

Chapter 2 considers the DPLC equipment as the digital transmitting systems and observes technologies and methods of digital modulation and coding, channel equalization, echo cancelation which are applying in modems. It summarizes main parameters of modern DPLC systems – bandwidth efficiency, achievable data rate, data rate adaptation, latency. The comparison between single-carrier and multicarrier modems and an introduction in perspective wideband digital power line carrier are given.

Chapter 3 relates to multiplexors and network devices of the DPLC equipment. It presents approaches of application of multiplexors as part of the DPLC terminal, voice and data signals prioritization and transition. It observes technologies, which are applied in network devices for IP/Ethernet traffic transmission and propose different variants of application of DPLC systems in IP networks.  

Chapter 4 deals with different characteristics of high voltage power lines as media for PLC frequency transmission including mechanical construction, number of circuits and in presence of tapping lines and transit substations. It shows that weather conditions have dramatically impact on the parameters of line attenuation and noise especially when ice crusting and sleet occurs. It contents information about distinctive features of PLC channels construction over underground power cables and mixed cable-overhead power lines.

Chapter 5 concerns planning of DPLC channels. It shows which tasks planning has, which types and parameters of information signals and DPLC equipment should be considered. Main topic relates to selection of appropriate frequency bands in order to provide high reliable channel. It presents original approach for selection of maximum possible frequency in criteria of required signal to noise ratio (SNR) for the DPLC channel with dynamic data rate adaptation. In final part examples of long term DPLC channels parameters monitoring during foul weather are presented..

This book is addressed to a wide range of specialists involved in development, design and exploiting of high voltage power line carrier. It will also be useful for teachers, graduate students and university students of communications and electric power.

The book is planned to be published in English. 

The publication was prepared with the information support of the Russian National Committee of CIGRE.


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